Guild Wars - GvG Legacy

ralin.pngsilver_cape.pngIn the olden days of Guild Wars GvG Necro Raiders focused heavily on the GvG game mode. During our time we became one of the Top 20 guilds in the game. We were known to play hex heavy builds and avoided any meta-game whenever possible.

At the time Ralin was obsessed with his N/W build and was probably the only player able to hold his ground with the build in top 100. Necromancer and deep wound .. why not ! This is the reason we never played any warriors. Another prominent players such as Logical and Hunter shaped the development of the guild heavily leading to many innovative builds such as the Mesmer Steal Spike. We played what we liked and were damn good at it.

Our run lasted little more over two years and with the arrival of automated matches we decided to disband the guild. Many of our original players reunited for the release of Guild Wars 2 hoping we will see high level GvG action on par with our Guild Wars GvG experience. After the initial disappointment we re-focused for the next best thing .. WvW.



  • ralin - Founder, 1st Guild Master
  • sir evzen - 2nd Guild Master, 4th generation
  • mirem - 1st generation, Founder
  • masakr - 1st generation
  • spoty - 1st generation
  • fenix - 1st generation
  • luthi - 1st generation
  • slim - 1st generation
  • hunter - 1st generation
  • duce - 1st generation
  • logical - 1st generation
  • goddess - 2nd generation
  • defender - 2nd generation
  • shadow - 2nd generation
  • damien - 3rd generation
  • crony - 3rd generation
  • cudlo - 3rd generation
  • big father - 4th generation
  • topb - 4th generation
  • jarci - 4th generation